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Inclusion in Action: Joint-U Community Hunt X Inclusive Carnival

【Joint-U Mass Programme】Inclusion in Action: Joint-U Community Hunt X Inclusive Carnival with the Visually Impaired, Ethnic Minorities & Elderlies: Join Us by 26 Oct!


The Visually Impaired x Ethnic Minorities x The Golden Aged x Young People

Inclusion in Action: Joint-U Community Hunt X Inclusive Carnival



Are you looking for opportunities to meet new buddies from other schools? Would you dare to accept the challenge of completing a community hunt and various experiential activities with different service targets? Or just take the time to relax and chill before your hectic exams? You shouldn’t miss this programme if your answers are yes!


As a diversified city, Hong Kong has people from all walks of life with different backgrounds, identities and experience, but some of them are being looked down upon due to the inaccurate perceptions and information disseminated in the society. Therefore, the Alliance of University & College YMCAs is organising the mass programme “Inclusion in Action: Joint-U Community Hunt X Inclusive Carnival” on 5 November 2022 (Sat), encouraging participants to appreciate and respect each other to embrace the concept of community inclusion. Participants will team up with our service targets - ethnic minority youth, the visually impaired and the golden-aged to finish tasks at local iconic places during the Community Hunt and take part in various experiential activities and workshops with them in the Inclusive Carnival!


Don’t miss this ample chance to be more familiar with other groups in the society and lead to a more inclusive community! Sign up now with two other friends to enjoy the discounted programme fee! We’re waiting for you!


Date: 5 November 2022 (Sat)

Time: 09:30-18:30

Venue: HKU (Volunteer Training), Various districts in Hong Kong (Community Hunt) and CUHK (Carnival)

Eligibility: Members of University & College YMCAs aged 17-29 (Membership application is open all-year-round. CLICK HERE for membership application.)

Language: Cantonese


1. Volunteer Training - Participants will be arranged to join one of the trainings about the needs and the related service skills for the ethnic minority youth, the visually impaired and the golden-aged, which will be held by professionals from the social welfare sector.

2. Community Hunt - Participants will be matched with one of the service targets and meet up other teammates at a specific checkpoint. Through exploring an iconic spot together, the service targets and students can have a better understanding of each other.

3. Inclusive Carnival - Through a variety of experiential activities and workshops in the Carnival, different target groups can experience other people's life and demonstrate their strengths, while at the same time, participants can learn to appreciate and respect each other to embrace community inclusion.


Programme Fee:

$60/person (In groups of 2 or 3#) or $90/person (Individual)

* A deposit of $50 is required for each participant. Deposit will be fully refunded upon the completion of the activity with satisfactory performance. Exemption may apply to participants who are able to provide written proofs (such as unavoidable academic reasons/sick leave) in case they are unable to attend the programmes. University & College YMCA Department of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision for any disputes.

# Applicants will be randomly teamed up with other university students and service targets by the Organiser to participate in the whole event, and it is not guaranteed that the group participants will be in the same group.


Apply Now:

Application Deadline: 26 October 2022 (Wed)

Enquiries: Uni-Y Student ExCo Michelle (5542-2527) / Chloe (5405-0574)


1. In response to the latest situation of the epidemic, the mode of the event is subjected to change, and further notice will be given at that time. 
2. The programme fee is non-refundable.
3. No matter the event is conducted in any format, participants will only get a full deposit refund upon successful completion of the programme.