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Romania & Germany Missionary Service Camp 2018


Are you looking for a special summer encounter in Europe? Register for the Romania & Germany Missionary Service Camp 2018 which gives you a fruitful and unforgettable experience. 


Getting along with the German and Romanian youth, you will be experiencing unique cultures by participating in different activities in Germany and Romania including mission outreach, visit the Gypsies, rebuilding service and cultural exchange. You may also have a chance to participate the international camp with the refugees and other international YMCA participants. Details of the trip are stated below:


Romania and Germany Missionary Service Camp



29 July 2018 - 27 August 2018


  • Pre-departure meetings & workshops
  • Missionary service trip in Romania and Germany (Bavaria)
  • Post-trip activity


$26,000 + $1,000 deposit (including round-trip air ticket, accommodation, meal, local transport and insurance)


Students of different religions are welcome to take part in any one of the trips.  For more details, please refer to  Online application should be submitted at on or before 21 February 2018 (Wednesday).  Any enquiry could be directed to Mr. Alvin Leung (2431-1173).