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Chill Cup, RUN! - Joint University Charity Night Race 2018: 6-km Weight-bearing Challenge X Chill Party X Mini Concert


Organised by the Alliance of University and College YMCAs, "Chill Cup, RUN! - Joint University Charity Night Race 2018" is comprised of 6 km weight-bearing race, "Chill" Party and a mini concert by famous stars, Dear Jane and Jude.


1. Date: 10 November 2018 (Sat)

2. Time: 18:00-22:30

3. Route: The Chinese University of Hong Kong →  Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village (6km)

4. Duration: 2 hours

5. Eligibility: Youths aged 17-30 (must be member of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong; membership subscription is open all year round.)

6. Condition of Entry: Individual or a team of 2 to 4 members (It is an individual competition but team members can start to run at the same time.)

7. Fee (per person): 

(Individual) $200 Application fee + $200 Donation
(Team of 2-4) $100 Application fee^ + $200 Donation

8. Application deadline: 17 October 2018 (Wed) 


Chill Party Preview

  • Light Painting
  • Luminous handicrafts
  • Neon activities
  • Aerated Facilities
  • Enjoy the grass music
  • Party special food and drinks 


Mini Concert -- Invited Stars
Dear Jane / Jude


Apply NOW!

Online Application:


Use of Donation

Donations will be used to organise "Chill Support Programme" in the first quarter of 2019 to render support to DSE students who are experience a high level of stress, and at the same time, raise public awareness on the mental health issue of young people.